Most clothing-optional beaches have “Friends of the beach” groups that work with park officials and provide for beach clean-ups, visitor assistance, and crime watch monitoring.  There are Friends of Gunnison Beach (NJ), Black’s Beach (CA) and Mazo Beach (WI), to name a few.  The group at Haulover Beach obtained grant funding for electric beach wheelchairs, beach showers, and tiki hut shelters, and has organized skin cancer screenings, blood drives, and other public service functions.

At Haulover Park,
South Florida Free Beaches instituted a formal Beach Ambassador Program.  A similar program is part of Tampa Area Naturists’ proposal for a naturist beach in the Tampa Bay area.

Beach Ambassadors at Haulover’s naturist beach annually greet thousands of new visitors and hand out cards with beach etiquette and park rules, and report safety and crime issues to lifeguards, police or park officials.

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Naturist Etiquette:

  • No overt sexual activity! Nude is not lewd, but public sexual activity is illegal and undermines our image.

  • Don't stray from established or designated nude areas.

  • Stay out of the dunes and other environmentally sensitive areas.

  • Obey parking regulations and other posted rules.

  • Ask permission before taking photographs.

  • Respect property and privacy of others.

  • Be friendly, but don't intrude.

  • Respect and protect wildlife.

  • Help eliminate litter by bringing trash bags and carry out more than you bring in.

  • Be polite to park rangers and law enforcement officials.

  • Always sit on your own towel.

  • Speak up for standards. If a person seems unaware of Naturist Etiquette, explain it politely and plainly.



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